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Moulinex ME-106832 Meat Grinder Mincer 1400W Stainless

Moulinex ME-106832 Meat Grinder Mincer 1400W Stainless

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Briefly about the product:

  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Nozzles quantity: 1
  • Overheating shutdown: Yes
  • Meat Grinder performance: 1.7
  • Number of speeds: 1

Moulinex is more than 60 years experience in producing meat grinders.

Moulinex me106832 series HV1 electric grinder is an excellent kitchen appliance for cooking familiar dishes and gastronomic delights. A picky compact machine is able to cope with hard and even sinewy meat. Its power (1400 W) allows you to produce 1,7 kg of minced meat per minute.


The device is accompanied by two grilles with large and small perforations for minced meat of different consistency, as well as a nozzle for stuffing home sausages.

Simple control

If the device is clogged and it becomes difficult to scroll the meat, just turn on the reverse mode: the auger will start to rotate in the opposite direction. At the touch of a button, you can easily clear the machine of stuck pieces.


Do not have to puzzle over where to store Moulinex me106832: the small size makes it easy to find a place. And during the culinary process, this meat grinder will not cause any inconvenience: there will be enough space on the table both for work and for dishes and other appliances.

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