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Hausberg HB-7540 Fruit Juicer 800-1000W Stainless Steel

Hausberg HB-7540 Fruit Juicer 800-1000W Stainless Steel

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Hausberg HB-7540 is a fruit and vegetable juicer with a high nominal power of 1000 W and 2 speeds, ideal for quickly and efficiently squeezing fruit or vegetables, brilliantly coping with the processing of a large volume of food. It has an elegant design, given by the harmonious combination of its color, black, with the stainless finish ornament. The Hausberg HB-7540 fruit and vegetable juicer is protected in case of overheating, it is always safe. In addition, the rubber feet provide high stability and maximum yield during squeezing. Features: Powerful motor, low noise level. Power: 800-1000W. Feed tube 75mm. Adjustable squeezing speed and power. Stainless steel filter. Built-in protection system. Non-slip rubber feet. Safe cleaning in the washing machine, with the exception of the motor part. Completely separates the juice and the pulp. Modern design with juice extraction rate Easy to detach for cleaning. Large capacity containers for juice and pulp. Pulp container capacity = 1 liter. Juice container capacity = 1 liter. Metal handle.

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