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Hausberg HB-2815AU Vaccum Cleaner 1600-2200W

Hausberg HB-2815AU Vaccum Cleaner 1600-2200W

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Whether you spilled a glass of water on the carpet, dropped a glass of juice in the kitchen or your washing machine backfired in the bathroom, the Hausberg vacuum cleaner solves the problem immediately thanks to its dual wet and dry suction capacity, thus eliminating used cloths for the removal of moisture or any other traditional object to be cleaned, as well as the time dedicated to such an incident. Powerful suction The Hausberg HB-2815 vacuum cleaner is a washable canvas bag vacuum cleaner (220 V power supply, 2200 W performance and 79 dB noise level. Full bag indicator, 3 liter bag capacity, works both in ​vertical as well as horizontal position. The cable wraps automatically. *Features: * Max power 2200W; 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz * Spray painted * Brush with switch for carpets and hard floors * Metal telescopic tube * A washable canvas bag with large capacity of 3L * Air intake and exhaust filter, made of sponge * With speed control button * Cable with total length of 5m and VDE plug * Flexible hose with air flow on the handle * 360 ° rotating wheels and hose connector * Switch pedal with automatic cable rewinder * 6.5M operating range

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