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Tefal C3040483 Tempo Flame frypan 24 cm

Tefal C3040483 Tempo Flame frypan 24 cm

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Everyday Easy and Delicious Cooking

Tefal Tempo Flame is an easy-to-use frypan designed to meet your everyday cooking needs. The new Thermo-Signal™ system lets you know the ideal temperature to start cooking, for perfect results with total ease, while a new easy-to-clean Titanium coating provides extra glide for longer. Designed to make generous portions bursting with flavor, Tempo Flame is equipped with a comfortable handle for an easy grip and a deep shape for meals hearty enough to satisfy the entire family. It's compatible with gas, electric and ceramic stovetops.

From restaurant-quality sole meuniere to rib-eye steak seared to perfection, the choice of pan can make all the difference. Discover a frypan designed to take your culinary game to the next level.

Enhanced Thermo-Signal™ technology turns full red when the pan has reached the ideal starting temperature, ensuring delicious meals with perfect color, texture and flavor every time.

Eco-benefit: Advanced Thermo-Signal® technology offers the exact starting temperature for perfect searing, ensuring no energy is wasted by letting your cookware heat up too long

Diameter bottom (part in contact with cooking plate) 18.8  cm
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